Haul: Inglot

A couple weeks ago I mentioned that I had went to Inglot for a makeup session, and of course I had to pick a few items while I was there. I got myself four shadows which were then put into a freedom palette and a Concealer Cream as I really wanted to compare a higher end concealer with my usual drug store brands and I liked how it applied when the makeup artist did my makeup.

Freedom Palette Quad
I got four shadows to add to my collection of Inglot products, all pretty neutral shades and an unusual color for me which is the olive green. I love these palettes they are so original and nice to use. The palette is €6.00 and each shadow is €5.00, as you can change shadow places or even palettes and just buy the pans if you have a freedom palette that has an empty slot.

Top, Left to Right: AMC Shine 45, AMC Shine 31
Bottom, Left to Right: Pearl 418, Pearl 409
I wanted to try something more neutral from the brand as I have some bold colors, so far. The browns look like nothing much in the pan but they apply wonderful on the lids 🙂 and the golden shade is really gorgeous! You get 2.7g/0.10oz per shadow.

Inglot Cream Concealer
Next I got the Cream Concealer in shade 38, which matches my skin tone. It comes in the ever classy black box with white writing. The concealer retails for €16.00.

The tube of product
You get a decent amount of product, 10ml/0.33oz in a squeeze tube, which I really like as it is very hygienic and you can tell how much product you have left in the clear packaging. For more information about the products you can look at the Inglot website. For some swatches of Inglot shadows you can go HERE and HERE.

Have you tried any of these products? What do you think about Inglot?

Haul: Almay and Rimmel

So sorry for being MIA for a couple of days but really busy at the moment with my dissertation. I’m going to make it up to you by trying to put up more posts this week. This is a haul that I did some weeks ago from The Cosmetic House, which if you have been following me for some time, you know I love to buy from the site. I didn’t get much items as I am hauling way too much lately. I got three items:
Almay Pore Minimizer
Almay intense i-color trio for Brown eyes in 021
Rimmel Match Perfection 2-in-1 Concealer in 030 Classic Beige

I am always on the lookout for products that are aimed to reduce pores, so when I saw the Almay Pore Minimizer, I had to try it. It contains 14.2g/0.5oz of product and it was for £3.25. It is an oil free formula and it is good for sensitive skin. I apply it on my moisturizer just down the T-zone of my face since I have large pores round my nose and chin. It is a very light and easy to spread consistency and I find it does help to refine them a little. This was the first time that I had bought any Almay products and I was really impressed, will have to try some more from this brand 🙂

Next I got the Almay Trio for Brown Eyes in 021 which contains a lilac shade, a brown with hints of violet and a light creamy shade for the highlight. The packet also contains an eyeliner twist up pencil in a vibrant purple shade in 001 Purple Amethyst. I got this for £5.25 which I thought was a good deal.

Lastly, I got another Rimmel Match Perfection 2-in-1 Concealer and Highlighter in 030 Classic Beige. As you may know, in my previous haul from this site I had already gotten one of these, but the shade is not as light as I wished it to be. However, this works wonders under the eyes as it conceals and highlights the under eye area to give a much brighter and awake finish. You get 7ml/0.23oz of product for £3.99.

Almay Pore Minimizer,
Almay intense i-color Trio for Brown Eyes
Rimmel Match Perfection 2-in-1 Concealer and Highlighter
If you would like a more in-depth review for any of these products, please let me know. I was really pleased with my purchases and they got to me in less than three days which is quite amazing for me. For another haul from this online you site, you can look HERE.

If you want to get a DISCOUNT code from The Cosmetic House online website, read HERE.

Have you tried any Almay products? What do you think about this haul?

Haul: Montagne Jeunnesse Masques

Shame on me! Yes I have another haul post to do! I actually got these about two weeks ago but forgot to blog about them, yet! I was shopping with my mother at a local super market and near the till, I looked up and saw some Montagne Jeunnesse masques. Now as you may know if you have read some previous posts regarding this brand, these have not been available in Malta before now. But lucky for me, this supermarket had quite a wide variety of masques. I quickly sifted through the masques they had and found some which I’d never heard about and wanted to try!

Now as you may know this brand is cruelty free, they always try to use the best natural ingredients and their price is really affordable. As you may see from my packets, I bought these for €1.20 each, but the price may differ depending on your location! On the Montagne Jeunesse webiste, most masques are marked at about 1GBP, so if you are from the UK you can get them really cheap.

As I have quite a collection of these masques at the moment, I ended up getting only four masques, all of which are very interesting! I got a Sensitive Masque that has two stages, first one is a masque and the second is a serum to apply after the masque. Next I saw that they had a range for men, (but I will still use this) a Dead Sea Mud Tired Skin Reviving Masque which contains Dead Sea Minerals. The next one is also a two stage process, however this one is a hair masque, the Frizz Miracle Pink Grapefruit Masque. The first stage is to put the conditioning masque and then after washing it off apply the serum, that comes with it. Last, but not least I got an Ultra Firming Anti-Aging Masque which actually contains two masques within the single packet.

I will be doing a review of these as I get to use them. And since I have quite an amount of masques and use them about once a week, this will take some time 🙂

Do you like Montagne Jeunesse Masques? Have you tried any of these?

Haul: Revlon and Rimmel

As I mentioned in a previous post, I love buying online and this is another case of online shopping that I could not restrain myself from doing. Not long ago I heard a YouTube guru LegallyBrunette214 talking about the Revlon Colorstay Active foundation, which is an oil free, sweat proof formula with light coverage. I love my Revlon Colorstay foundation, but I do not find it feasible to use for everyday as it takes some time to blend and offers high coverage, which you don’t really want for everyday necessarily. I was very sad to realize however that the product was being discontinued.

Thus, when I came across this product in my exact shade on The Cosmetic House website I was trilled to be able to give this product a try. I also was looking for a good concealer and I had heard so many good things about the Rimmel Match Perfection that it went straight to my cart. And last of all came the Revlon Colorstay 12 Hour Eye Shadow in Sterling Rose, which I had been in my wishlist for some time.

Left to Right Clockwise: Revlon Eyeshadow in 345 Sterling Rose,
Revlon Colorstay Active in 220 Natural Beige and
Rimmel Match Perfection 2-in-1 Concealer & Highlighter in 060 Natural Beige

The Revlon 12 Hour Eyeshadow was for £3.95 (review HERE), the Revlon Colorstay Active was for £5.25 and you get 30ml of product in a plastic squeeze out tube and the Rimmel Match Perfection was for £3.99 and you get 7ml of product. Reviews for all these products will follow shortly together with swatches 🙂

Have you tried any of these products? What do you think?

Favorites: Online Shopping Sites

I have an obsession with shopping! I try to limit myself and always try to set a budget when I’m shopping but online shopping can get more out of hand! Especially lately since I am more at home and on the computer due to having to work on my dissertation! I find myself getting frustrated and bored more often and end up searching the web for what to buy. Most of my cravings come from watching YouTube Beauty gurus or reading blog posts about products. Today I wanted to share with you the sites I visit often to buy from and hope that you find it useful!
eBay website
I use this website for the most random products and end up buying often! I have bought my hair straightener from this site to my Nokia 5800 Xpress Music. I also buy many cosmetic items, such as my Too Faced Shadow Insurance, Asian productsAvon products and much more. You have to be careful and make sure that the seller has high ratings to ensure your products get to you in time and are genuine.

EyesLipsFace UK website
I am obsessed with this site and with the products. Everything is so affordable and the quality is good for most products. I particularly like the Studio line and the Mineral line but the standard affordable line has many great products too. I love their Mineral lipsticks, their Studio single eye shadows, their Mineral Infused Face Primer and many more products. Moreover, on the Elf Facebook page they give promotional codes for free shipping or discounts on the website weekly.

ASOS website
I love this site to buy clothes and even better I love it to buy cosmetics. The site is now offering free shipping worldwide and there is no minimum spend required. The prices are also very reasonable and you can find luxury and high end products on it too.

New Look website
This is another fashion website that I love! Recently a store for New Look has opened here in Malta too. But since it is a bit of an inconvenience sometimes to go to the store, I find it very easy and accessible to make use of the online shop. The shipping is at an affordable price and it takes a very short time to get to you. Moreover, on the site you can find more stuff than what is available at the store!

Sigma website
I love this website and have been craving many of the brushes from the site. However, right now I have only the SS219 now renamed as the E30 which is the pencil brush and I adore it and use it nearly every single day. However, last week I ordered the F82 which is the Round Top Synthetic Kabuki and I can’t wait to get it and try it out! There are many other brushes which I really would love to get as the quality is really good.

feelunique website
This is a website that offers luxury and high end products for a reasonable price and offers free shipping world wide too. There is a wide variety of brands that you can get from this website and list keeps on growing. I have recently made a very interesting purchase from this website that I will soon talk about on this blog.

The Book Depository website
I am a huge book worm and like nothing best than to curl up in my bed and lose myself in a romantic or fantasy book before going to bed. The Book Depository is a website that allows me to buy many books but at a very good price. Here in Malta the price of books is high and I can get books from this site for as much as more than half the price you would find them here. Moreover, if you need some school related books, there is a wide variety on this site.
Eyeko website
This is a fun website that offers cute and unique makeup items. It also offers free shipping to UK and Europe and if you spend more than $55 you get free shipping world wide. Their big eyes mascara is especially amazing and if you want to get a free gift you can use my code at the checkout which is E14368.

Cheap Smells website
This is a website which offers a huge variety of products. Mainly it offers perfumes at a very affordable price. But it also has a variety of cosmetic brands and limited stock of items at a reduced price. I am not a huge lover of the name but the quality is really good and the site offers shipping for most countries.
Play website
I love the Play.com website for books too and for other things like buying DVDs. As with most things, original DVDs are overpriced here in Malta and this is a very safe and fast site to get them.

The Cosmetic House website
Last but surely not least is The Cosmetic House which is one of my favorite websites to buy cosmetics from. The prices are hugely reduced and you can get many deals from this website. You can also get some discontinued items and high end items that have been available for some time. The shipping is calculated on the weight of the products but the time it takes to get to you is really good. I have already bought more than once from the site and love the products and their quality.

I hope you have found this helpful and that you visit these sites and see for yourself the quality of the products offered.

What are your favorite sites to shop from? Have you used any of the mentioned sites?

Haul: Mini Elf Mineral Haul

A few weeks ago the Elf Uk website where having  20% discount on all their Mineral range!I really love their Mineral range and have tried quite a few products from this range, that I will try to do a review about in the future. I love their mineral foundation, their mineral booster to apply all over the face, the mineral eye shadows are all very pigmented and gorgeous colors, their mineral lipsticks are all very easy to wear and very moisturizing and their mineral eyeliners go on really easily. Thus, no need to tell you I got some things I had been wanting. I wasn’t really needing much from the Mineral line, I got some from the regular line but only two products from the Mineral line.

I got the wonderful mineral lipstick in Rosy Raisin and mineral lip liner in Peachy. I already have two other mineral lipsticks; Barely Bitten and Party Pink and I really love their consistency, they give you color without putting on a lot of product on the lips, so they feel really good on the lips. I wanted to try out this shade as I had already bought it as a gift for someone else and I loved the way the color looked.

Rosy Raisin – You get 3.8g of product for €4.00
Wearable neutral color, that looks like my own lips but better 🙂
Swatch of Rosy Raisin
I also got the Elf Mineral lip liner in Peachy as I had heard many great things about this product, this shows up a little more orangey on camera than how it really is. But, it will look great under coral toned lipsticks especially in Summer. This is a twist up product that retails for €3.50 and is really easy to apply and lasts a long time. The only downside to this product is that they offer it in a very limited range of colors. For a review of the Mineral Eyeshadow in Royal go HERE.

Peachy lip liner, twisted up and a little swatch!
Have you tried any of the Mineral lipsticks from Elf? Which others do you recommend?

Haul: False Lashes

Lately I have been obsessing with using false eye lashes, must be I’m watching too much of The Vampire Diaries and I love the way they have very natural makeup and then gorgeous false lashes. Anyway since I am not an expert at applying false lashes, I decided to get some from eBay, so that they would be cheap and I would get a decent amount to be able to practice with! I got two styles, ten pairs of each from this eBay buyer. They were for about €4.00 and you get twenty pairs of lashes and a little tube of glue.

Two boxes, two styles 13 and 11

Style 13 are shorter on the inner corner of the eye and then longer at the outer edges

Style 13 lashes closer look

Style 11 lashes are longer at the center of the lashes
Style 11 closer look
The only down side that I think there is to these lashes are the seam seems to be a bit thick but maybe that will actually be helpful. I have yet to try these on, but will let you know how it goes!

Do you love wearing false lashes? What are your favorite?