REVIEW | Pupa Milano Mascara Vamp Extreme

Pupa Milano Mascara Vamp Exteme

Although I am almost always up to try new makeup products, I must admit that I am a bit of a mascara snob. I have stuck with the same mascara for years now and every time I stray away, I am never satisfied with the results. That is until I had the opportunity to try the Pupa Milano Mascara Vamp Extreme a couple of weeks back, the new addition to the Pupa Milano Mascara family.

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Launch of Eau Thermale Avène in Malta

eau thermal avene, malta, avene products malta

A few weeks ago I was given the opportunity to attend the exclusive event launching the brand Eau Thermale Avène, here in Malta. Having already been acquainted with the brand for many years both by purchasing their products online as well as having seen their vast selection of items when I went to pharmacies in Paris, I was pleased to hear the news and looking forward to attend. Continue reading “Launch of Eau Thermale Avène in Malta”

REVIEW | PUPA Professionals BB Cream + Primer

Pupa Milano BB Cream + Primer

More often than not, we put on foundation with the aim of achieving natural looking skin that imitates our own save any blemishes, acne, redness, etc, that we may have. Achieving this second skin look is more of a challenge than one might think. Depending on the base used my skin can look cakey, overly powdered, patchy or with just too much heavy coverage.
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MAC Malta | Makeup Application & Experience

MAC Cosmetics

At the end of last month I was invited to the MAC store in Malta for a makeup application by two of MAC’s professional artists from MAC Italia and I was only too happy to oblige.

Being a skeptic myself in having other people touch my face and put makeup on it, I was a bit anxious at what the end result would be but had no reservations about getting some expert tips from Michele and Roberta.

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The Sanitary Pad vs Tampon War

The Sanitary Pad vs Tampon War

It’s that time of the month, you rummage through your bag in search of what? Are you a pad or tampon girl?

Although I know this topic might be a little TMI, don’t we all want to know that there is someone else out there who has gone through our same experiences and feels the same way? And in all truth, the more TMI a video/blog post/conversation is, the more I am usually intrigued to get to know the quirks of a person, that I can relate to. Continue reading “The Sanitary Pad vs Tampon War”

Wangbii | Korean Beauty Haul


Wangbii is a Sliema based-shop that is the unique spot in Malta which offers a wide range of Korean cosmetics and skincare items. Now being a skincare junkie myself, it was inevitable that I would end up going through this shop eager to try out some of these hard to find items.

As you can see this is not a very large haul but there are a couple of gems amongst the items I managed to get my hands. Firstly I want to mention the favourite thing I got from this store, it is the Nature Republic Collagen Dream Vitamin C Capsule Foam Cleanser. This is a truly unique face cleanser in that it has these tiny little capsules that burst when you rub them against your face and also act as a mini scrub. Continue reading “Wangbii | Korean Beauty Haul”

Coconut Oil | The Good, the Great & the Amazing

This post has been a long time in the making, but I wanted to make sure that I could express correctly all the reasons for which I love coconut oil. It is also definitely something that I wanted to share with anyone who is skeptic about using coconut oil for beauty purposes.
coconut oil
Many a time I have been asked about the benefits of coconut oil and its effectiveness, so finally in a somewhat concise way here is my two cents about why you should be using coconut oil everyday and why in my opinion it is good, great and amazing!
When I mention coconut oil I am referring to the raw virgin kind, nothing added to it and nothing tampered with original ingredient.

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